: About Us :

Ashforth Cleaning Company Ltd was set up in the January of 1976 as a family run business, which it remains today.

At Ashforth Cleaning Company Ltd we pride ourselves on professionalism and the quality of service we provide.  It does not matter how small or how big the job may be, our professional workforce treats it with the same level of diligence and attention to detail.  We provide complete customer satisfaction and will go the extra mile in order to achieve that, performing the tasks that need to be done to create a clean environment. 

Of course the most vital part of our operation is our staff.  They carry out the tasks upon which the reputation of the firm stands.  That is why we take recruitment seriously selecting the right people and providing proper training so that they will always achieve excellence in their work.  Customer service is regarded extremely highly at Ashforth Cleaning Company Ltd and is just as important as doing a great job. You will find that all of our cleaning staff are friendly, accommodating and dedicated to whatever tasks need to be done whatever the day, whatever the hour.

Our office cleaning services are available at any time, day or night, and any day including weekends (usually excluding bank holidays).  We understand that everyone has very busy and differing schedules.  Most offices operate during the week, mostly between the hours of 8am - 6pm, so we are available to come early in the morning or later in the evening in order that we don't get in the way during working hours and to make it easier for our cleaning staff to do their job properly.

Ashforth Cleaning Company Ltd are also available on the weekends for our office cleaning services. However for some businesses the weekend is their busiest time, for example retail outlets. For businesses such as this we offer an early morning/evening service that might be more appropriate.  Other businesses of course are busy during the evening, for example restaurants and bars. We can accommodate this by coming late at night to suit your schedule.  Whatever the time, we will be there to service your business.

Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning services can provide your business with almost any type of commercial cleaning service you will require.

Stadium Cleaning

We can almost guarantee that we will be your best solution for stadium cleaning service have worked for many years at large scale events, providing a very cost effective and efficient cleaning service that is bespoke to your cleaning requirements.

Carpet & Upholstry Cleaning

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning team offer an experienced and very professional carpet and upholstery service to all our clients both domestic and commercial properties, please contact us now using any of our contact methods to get yourselves or business booked in for our professional service.


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