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Stadium Cleaning

Ashforth Cleaning Company Ltd have been cleaning large scale stadiums for many many years, meaning we have successfully carried out cleaning at large scale events, such as England Test Matches, World Cup Cricket, Euro 96' and Championship/Premiership Football.
So as you can tell we are a very experienced company working at large scale events and also having to turnaround the grounds very quickly ready for hosting another match or days play such as at Test Match Cricket where the whole ground has to be completely turnaround and ready for people to use by 8am the next morning.

Our tried and tested method of cleaning at this large stadiums and events can be replicated at all stadiums, provides fantastic value for money and delivers unbeatable cleaning standards and attention to detail.

Our bespoke stadium cleaning can tailored to anything that you require whether that is the whole ground including offices and other commercial properties or just the stadium its self.

Our bespoke stadium package can include: 

  • Daily Cleaning of all office, changing rooms and common areas.
  • Cleaning of corporate and executive areas.
  • Pre and Post game cleaning including the refreshing of the concourses and executive areas during the game.
  • Annual cleaning of the stadium seats to ensure that they are in perfect condition for the up coming season.

Ashforth Cleaning Company Ltd Specialise in quick turnarounds and guarantee that the stadium will be ready to host another match within 48 hours.

This is obviously reduced for events where you have to have the stadium turned around before people arrive for the next days play for events such as the cricket test match in which we guarantee that the stadium and all other areas will be clean and ready to use before anyone arrives the next morning, usually the stadium bowl and most of the insides for these types of events are cleaned and ready to use again just 4-5 hours after the event has finished the same night allowing us to do just final checks the following morning.





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